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ur Czech escort companions offer a wide range of services, and for some of our clients the most interesting talent on offer is that of the erotic massage. Read on to find out more about this often misunderstood yet highly pleasurable activity.

What is Erotic Massage?

Massage has been used as a therapeutic treatment for many centuries and in every culture. Erotic massage can also be classed as a therapeutic treatment, focusing on stimulation of the erogenous zones, such as the genitals, breasts or even a wider area. Erotic massage may be performed with one or both partners undressed, and has several potential uses for health reasons, for relaxation, or just for pleasure.

Cure for Premature Ejaculation

Many men suffer from the debilitating condition of premature ejaculation, where the sex act finishes – for the man – before it even begins. Erotic massage can be used to ‚slow things down‘ and let the tension build in a more sustained way, which allows for the man to be brought in a more relaxed manner to sexual arousal, and then both partners can then enjoy a more lengthy sex session.

Relaxation and ‚setting the mood‘ before sex

Erotic massage can also be used to treat the opposite problem from premature ejaculation, where one or both of the partners are not in the mood for sexual pleasure, perhaps due to stress or not focusing on their own bodies, and thus not being able to focus on their partners bodies and their mutual pleasure. The use of an unhurried erotic massage allows for sexual arousal to build naturally and effortlessly, and then, should both partners then feel for it, they may take things further to a more fuller sexual experience, involving penetration and mutual orgasm. The focus however is on all times on touch, exploration and relaxation. Such sessions make more sense on longer bookings, as the presence of ‚the clock‘ can be a natural inhibitor.

Nuru massage

Another technique of erotic massage is the so-called Nuru massage which is popular in Japan and has in recent years become more widely known in the West. Here the male will lie down and the female massager will strip naked, coat herself in essential oils and perform an intimate ‚body-to-body‘ massage. This massage can be an excellent way of building the atmosphere between partners and is a good precursor to more regular sexual activity.

Tantric massage

Taking things one step further, advanced and trained practitioners of erotic massage may build a whole therapeutic lifestyle program around sexual stimulation, with the aim of improving their own and their partners energy balance, leading to a more balanced and happier approach to life in general. Following the principles of Buddhist tantra, erotic massage can be used to stimulate the person’s chakras (energy centres) which produce seven different kinds of energy that everybody needs to properly function. Tantric massage will help balance your bodies energies and strengthen your personality, leading to calmness, better performance in life, better relationships with other people and general happiness. Here the focus is on whole life therapy, not sexual gratification for it’s own sake.


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