Work for Us - Become a Luxury High-class Prague Escort


re you an attractive, confident and outgoing female, aged 18-40, who enjoys meeting new people, interacting with different personality types, and possesses charm and charisma? Then Deluxe Prague Escorts Agency wants to hear from you!

In the sections below we will explain our offer, our requirements, what you need to know about working with us, and what are the next steps to becoming one of the elite companions of our Prague-based escort agency.

What we offer

Our Deluxe Prague Escort agency offers an exciting and financially-rewarding lifestyle to all of the ladies which it accepts. Our management team have operated escort agencies in the Czech Republic and internationally for many years now, and have built up an extensive client list of wealthy and powerful gentlemen to prove it. Should you be accepted by our agency as one of our VIP courtesans, we will market you immediately to existing clients who we know and trust, and who will be the right fit for your particular strengths. We will treat you fairly and in a friendly and caring manner, and offer some of the most competitive income-sharing arrangements in the whole of the Prague escorting market. We enjoy a fruitful and long-term relationship with all of the ladies who work with us, and we hope to enjoy the same relationship with you too.

What we expect from you

Our escort agency relies on attractive, confident and charming ladies, who our valued and high-class clients will enjoy to spend time with in every sense. If you are a lady aged between 18-40 years, have an adaptable, warm personality, and enjoy to meet new people, particularly the cultured and financially solvent gentlemen who make up our clients, and are considered attractive by people who know you, then you are the kind of person we want to hear from. Proficiency in foreign languages, particularly English, is a definite advantage. Most of all, we require reliability, honesty and discretion. We believe in treating others as we would like to be treated. If this is also one of your values, then we can achieve great things together.

What you need to know

Our agency works on a private contractor basis, so that you will not be an employee of a company, but be a private, self-employed individual who receives meeting requests through us. As well as your fee from your meeting, all expenses incurred by your meetings (travel, accommodation, food and drink etc.) will be covered by the client, and all taxes, social insurance and other employee costs which may arise will be covered by you.

The life of a high-class Prague escort

The life of a VIP companion is an exciting one, leading to financial and emotional fulfilment. Although this lifestyle is not for everyone, we encourage you to think long and hard about our unique offer, and should you decide to apply and be accepted by us, we will support you all the way.

So what are you waiting for? Contact us today and start to bring your dreams a step closer to reality. Please send us some unretouched, full-body photos of yourself, a little bit of information about you, and your email and phone number so that we can talk with you further.

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